accidentally-on-purpose asked: So glad I found your blog! It's fantastic! :D -Parker

Oh! Oh! Please! User survey time!! 

How did you come across my blog?
What was it that you liked about it?
Are the numerous page tags i’ve added at the top of the page beneficial to your browsing experience? 

All questions answered will help improve content and quality!!! :D :D

Oh Oh, I got a good one!!

"You were a cunt to me. No, you were a maassive cunt to me. No, in fact you were so much more than a cunt, that to call you a cunt in the first place would be an insult to vaginas everywhere! 
It’s so difficult to accuratly describe how big a dick you were- oh look I’m insulting penises now!” 



Holy shit. I think the hunger games (from the sound of this) is actually set in North fucking Korea

if u don’t think this is important then u r wrong

I do this to ryan sometimes as if he’s the big dog and im a kitten touching him for the first time

in the final frame he says “KISS THE RING” and this is a big deal because after seeing this, I swore i would be that fucking fabulous when i become rich and famous one day!!

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alabamajockstrap asked: Would you date a guy who was poz? How would you feel about it since most aren't comfortable with it?


If you had asked me a few years ago I probably would have said I don’t think so. Just because I wasn’t educated on the subject and people are usually afraid of things they don’t know anything about.

Now I would like to think it wouldn’t matter. If I find you attractive, your status doesn’t change the things that made me find you attractive in the first place. Also there is so much more information out there than there was a few years ago. A man’s status shouldn’t be an end all. With all the hate out there everyone deserves love.

Agreed. I’m glad I know these things because they allowed me to day a poz guy for about a year and a half. 


the heteros have found me 

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On set shooting for long-clothing:


I’m really happy to see you’re shooting new work Matt ^_^Nice pants too! ;)